United Real Estate Company (URC) Illuminates Hessah Towers in Orange in Support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Dec 29 , 2022

Kuwait City by URC | Press Release

United Real Estate Company (URC), one the leading real estate developers in Kuwait and the MENA region, illuminated Hessah Towers in orange light in solidarity with the global initiative ‘Orange the World Day’, to raise more awareness about the importance of living in a society free of violence. The objectives of this initiative are in line with URC's strategy aimed at creating an inclusive culture based on trust, respect, and equality.

The "Orange the World" campaign, also known as "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" was established in 1999 by the United Nations, and it started on November 25 for a period of 16 days and continued until December 10, 2022. The color orange was chosen by UN Women to symbolize a bright future free of violence against women.

Hessah Towers was illuminated throughout the initiative, with the aim of raising awareness on gender equality and the need to end violence against women to support the cause of creating a universal environment where every woman and girl gets to live up to her full potential. Noting that violence takes on many forms, it can be physical, emotional, or even via the Internet, which negatively affects women and prevents their full and equal participation in society.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Nasser Al Qallaf, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications, URC, stated: “Providing support and investment in women's movements and social issues is an important matter and a shared responsibility that leads to real change and sustainable social justice. Today, we affirm our support for global initiatives that aim to bridge gender gaps, whether in the work environment, home, or society. We also uphold our commitment to spreading awareness to create a world of equality, where women can live in safety and dignity on par with men, without any fear of violence or discrimination.”

Mr. Nasser also expressed his pride in participating in such community initiatives that highlight the importance of protecting and empowering women, as well as those that promote gender equality and inclusion in societies and workplaces.

He further stressed, "URC shows wide interest in women's issues and takes effective steps to empower women and ensure their inclusion in various fields of business by providing them with a supportive work environment, as well as granting them equal opportunities for advancement and excellence."

He continued, "We take pride in being one of the publicly recognized real estate companies that represent Kuwait in this international campaign that champions the cause of women and for having done our mite in spreading awareness towards creating an equal world. The company's efforts are in line with its commitment to participate in social campaigns that seek to protect and promote the comprehensive social welfare of Arab community, and the world at large. This is especially true when it comes to issues related to protecting women.

Regarding the framework of our social responsibilities, Mr. Nasser concluded by saying: "URC has always been known for its awareness initiatives and its vital role in establishing a society built on trust, respect, and integrity for all women.”

It is worth mentioning that the global initiative "Orange the World" aims to strengthen global efforts calling for an end to violence against women, as one third of the world's women have been subjected to some form of sexual or physical violence. Note that violence against women is today one of the most widespread, persistent, and most disgraceful human rights violations. We advocate for a society that is filled with more equality and less violence against women.

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United Real Estate Company. K.S.C.P (URC) is one of the leading real estate developers in Kuwait and the MENA region, with consolidated assets of Approx. KD 610 million (US$ 1.96 Billion) as of 30 September 2022. Headquartered in Kuwait, URC was founded in 1973 and was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 1984.

URC primarily operates through a number of operating subsidiaries and investment arms across the MENA region. URC's core business is real estate development and operations and enjoys a diversified portfolio of assets that include retail complexes, hotels, residential properties, and high-rise office buildings.

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