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Whistleblowing policies & procedures

To download the most recent whistleblowing policies and procedures form in PDF format, please download the following PDF.

Version 3 (7.11.17)

Whistleblowing Online Report Form:

This form may be used to report any possible incident/irregularity that represents an illegal, unethical or incorrect action at URC or any of its subsidiaries. It is not meant to be used for private grievances. The information should be submitted in good faith. Intentionally submitting erroneous information may subject the information provider to legal action. Kindly fill in the information as requested below. Once completed, press the ‘Submit’  button below and your message will be delivered. (This message is accessible by URC’s Board of Directors).

Whether a whistleblower chooses to remain anonymous or not, they should give as much detailed information in their report as possible as requested below and provide evidential information in the form of documents, emails and other files that can be uploaded using the link below.