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OUR TEAMS - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  OUR TEAMS

Our cross-functional teams allow departments to work together to achieve a unified goal. URC’s departments work in collaboration to support one another in maximizing the company's overall performance.

DEVELOPMENT - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  DEVELOPMENT


The Development Department serves as URC’s engineering arm, directing the realization of our innovative projects.

Our engineers and architects are charged with technical management of new developments throughout the project lifecycle, from the feasibility study stage to hand-over, while monitoring the progress and quality of the work of the consultants, contractors and vendors. Their efforts ensure the fulfillment of the project’s technical requirements as well as conformance to quality, schedule and cost. 
The Development team works with URC departments to support all aspects of the company’s delivery of a successful real estate product.



LEGAL & COMPLIANCE  - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  LEGAL & COMPLIANCE

The Legal & Compliance Department serves and advises various departments at URC with coordinated legal advice on matters related to the diverse business functions of URC and its worldwide affiliated companies. The team also strives to assist all departments in creating and implementing effective strategies to address their business needs, whilst limiting actual and contingent liabilities, including advice on suitable legal approaches and recommendations on the most advantageous dispute resolution mechanisms.
The Department offers a broad spectrum of services that cover the supervision and management of all required daily legal functions including advising, drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal instruments as appropriate to the general business operation of URC including but not limited to by-laws, development agreements, formation of new business entities and financing agreements.
The Legal & Compliance Department is a fully integrated function within all the business units of URC and in-line with URC's cross-functional team based approach to real estate development.

RISK - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  RISK

The Risk Management Department is positioned to be independent of executive management, as it reports to the Board of Directors, whilst being supervised by the Board Risk Management Committee in terms of its organizational structure, independence position and corporate risk indulgence.
We contribute for the corporate value and investor’s confidence. Moreover, we provide an unbiased monitoring and consulting tool for executive management and the board.
We contribute for the outreach of risk management and risk mitigation. Furthermore, we support the culture of transparency before executive management, the board, investors as well as legislative authorities. We work with executive management on identifying and studying acceptable risks taken during the business activity and on necessary mitigating actions.
We contribute for corporate objectives’ attainment potential, through an effective practice that adopts internationally recognized standards as well as local Kuwaiti laws and regulations. As well as, through setting frameworks and guidelines for the aforementioned practice, following up on execution and integration across URC’s departments, functions, subsidiaries and projects, whilst aligning between functional and strategic-level practices.

SALES & LEASING - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  SALES & LEASING


The Sales and Leasing Department is responsible for securing profitable sales and leases for projects, both developed and under development. 

We participate in developing a property’s sales and pricing strategy and then utilize available channels to promote the project and secure maximum visibility for the project in its market. 

Using the sales and leasing targets for projects, prospective tenants are identified and when sales are successful, we then execute the lease agreements.
Our team strives to maximize URC’s market share by following effective selling strategies, extensive listing of property sales and leasing opportunities, and optimal management of the sales process.

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS


URC’s Marketing and Corporate Communications Department devises marketing strategies and media plans and leads project branding, collateral development, and advertising of URC's projects. 

Our team ensures that URC’s communications planning is integrated with corporate strategies and plans.  On a project level, the team supports sales and leasing target plans and strategies, and links project marketing to construction milestones. 
The team interacts with the entire URC organization to ensure that communications and corporate collateral are properly produced and conveyed, and is consistent with corporate identity and guidelines. 
The team also manages the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program by identifying opportunities for societal development in Kuwait and the region.

HUMAN RESOURCES  - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  HUMAN RESOURCES


The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment, employee relations, personnel records management and regulatory compliance.

Our team provides, maintains and carries out personnel guidelines, policies and procedures designed to engage colleagues in the company’s vision, mission, and values.  

Additionally, Human Resources ensures human capital is in place to support long-term corporate objectives and growth by providing systems and processes for organizational development, talent identification and management,leadership development and management of change.
The people-friendly environment at URC, clear boundaries, and fair and effective people management as administered by the Human Resources Department are major contributors to the company’s success in carrying out the business strategy.

INVESTMENTS  - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  INVESTMENTS


The Investments Department supervises the development and establishment of methodologies for financial planning, investment strategies, balancing and re-balancing of portfolios and asset allocation strategies, in addition to implementing URC’s Investment strategy and providing feedback and proposals on investment opportunities targeting specific customer segments.

The Department is also responsible for identifying new investment opportunities to ensure overall growth of organizational revenues and diversification of geographies within URC’s real estate development portfolio and conducting feasibility studies, property valuations and appraisals of potential investment opportunities and assists in primary research analyses the secondary research to identify new investment opportunities.

We perform extensive financial analysis and modelling in a variety of investment related areas including asset allocation, investment deployment, risk management and valuation.

We provide financial expertise in structuring deals and securitizations, to ensure that these address top management’s requirements suitably, and are aligned with the risk and investment guidelines of URC and investment mandate. The Investments Department contributes to URC’s ability to bring a return to stakeholders and investors while enriching the company's portfolio.


FINANCE - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  FINANCE


The Finance Department is responsible for preparing financial accounts, analysis and reporting of financial performance, day-to-day accounting transactions, cash flow management, and budget planning. 

We maintain external relationships with banks, creditors and financiers to oversee the availability and adequacy of funds.

We also oversee internal and external audit activities and ensure management of corporate finances in conformance with all appropriate financial controls, systems, and processes, while ensuring accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial records.

The Finance Department plays the key role in setting the financial framework for long-range planning and corporate financial decision-making.



INTERNAL AUDIT - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  INTERNAL AUDIT


Internal Audit is an independent department reporting directly to the Board of Directors through the Board Audit Committee.

This Department reviews all of the Company's business activities to ensure control of consistency and transparency, as well as to improve the operational process and carry out independent special reviews as requested by management and authorities.